Teaching Experiences



2004 Swarthmore College Workshop on Masks with Mr. Bauriedel

2004 Apple farm ` Introduction to theatre, to 11 years old (fall semester)

2005 Swarthmore college Scene study of Moliere and Racine (fall semester)

2005 Nicole Canuso Company Workshop on Clown

2006 Swarthmore college Workshop on chorus and Tragedy with Ms. Sanford

2006 University of the Arts Replacement for Aaron Cromie, neutral mask and

Characterization mask

Spring 2006 The Parlor 3-day Clown workshop for professional actors

Summer 2006: 1 day workshop for Denison University 

Fall 2006 The Parlor 3-day Clown workshop for professional actors

2006 University of the Arts Clown, Fall Semester

2007 Temple University Lecoq techniques, Spring and Fall semester

Summer 2007 1 day workshop for Dension univesity on Animals 

2007-2008 Temple University, Lecoq techniques to graduate students Fall and Spring semester


With the Pig Iron theatre Company

1998 Swarthmore College Workshop on Melodrama

2001 Pig iron theatre Co, Philadelphia Professional workshop on

Neutral mask, Chorus & Clown

2001/02 Dance Camp Theatre Workshops on Clown

2002 School in Rose Valley Work with 7 years old on “Animals”

2003 Tower Hill school Workshop on Chorus

2003/05 Friends Central Workshop on Melodrama, Chorus

2003 Rococo Risqué Co, CA Workshop on Neutral mask & Clown

2003 Capa, Public art school Physical Characters

2004 Haverford high school How to make your own play.

2006 Pig Iron Theatre Company, NYC Professional workshop on physical characters