The Jacques Lecoq’s techniques: taught over 2 semesters


 Every class starts with a warm-up. Students should bring specific clothes, black pants and black shirt. No shoes. Every week, the student will learn a specific movement based on Jacques Lecoq’s method. These movements will help establish and understand the vocabulary used in class.
At the end of the semester, they will have to create a phrase including these movements and present it. That will be part of their evaluation.  Every style taught in class is followed by a collective work organized  by the students, alone, these are the “auto-cours”. I will give them themes related to the style, assign groups and they will have to get together and create their own piece and then present it in class. They will sometimes have to work outside class. . 

1st semester, 14 weeks/6 hours a week

Introduction to the basis of Physical Theatre.

Week 1: Introduction to Lecoq’s spirit.  

Week 2: Space 

Week 3 and 4: The Neutral mask

Week 5 and 6: Elements and materials. 

Week 7, 8: The Chorus

Week 9: Poetry, Music, Colors. Introduction to “Mimodynamic”

Week 10, 11: Animals and Monologues 

Week 13, 14: Enquete (Investigation)



2nd semester, 14 weeks: 6 hours/week

Week 1, 2, 3: Bande Mimee

Week 3, 4, 5: Melodrama

Week 6, 7, 8
: Mask

Week 9, 10, 11: Clown

Week 12, 13, 14:
Les Commandes.