FRONTIN' or Tell'emWhyYouMadSon performed by James Ijames, written by James Ijames and directed by Emmanuelle Delpech on an original idea of James Ijames and in collabaoration with Shavon Norris. Please go to his website to learn more about the project:

"Tell'emWhyYouMadSon is a clown ballet using Lecoq movement as well as 19th century dance styles, gestures, and other material harvested from archival footage of minstrel acts throughout American entertainment history. I feel a direct lineage to blackface performers and the performances they created. Tell'emWhyYouMadSon is the beginning of my moving these performers from a place of victimhood to folk heroes. Grappling with the stereotypes and dancing with them at the same time. My goal is to research, develop and create a movement piece that examines the role the black body has played in the creation of American entertainment as well as the black body as entertainment personified.  This piece will also examine where minstrelsy lives in a black performer in the present, and by doing so, the piece makes me the object of investigation for minstrelsy, by asking me “Are you wearing burnt cork as well?” " James Ijames.


BANG: a collaboration with Charlotte Ford, Sarah Sanford and Lee Etzold. Charlotte Ford asked me to direct her new piece that will be performed at the Philadelphia Live Arts festival in September 2012.


THE WOMAN AND COMEDY PROJECT a collaboration/exploration with Jen Child and Monica Stephenson. Please check Jen Child's blog!